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 - Andy Porter, P.H. Mechanical Group

We currently use Oak Tree Management for a variety of services that include carpentry, painting and drywall to assist in completing large commercial construction jobs as well as ...
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- Kevin Kelliher/ President, The Lundgren Management Group, Inc. 

This letter is in recognition to the excellent service my company has received from the Oak 
Tree Management Construction/Property Services Company. Their work was completed...
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 - Rev. Rodney J. Copp, J,CL./Pastor of Saint Charles Borromeo Parish

I have witnessed first hand the renovations he has accomplished ...
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 - Attorney Daniel Goldstone, Goldstone & Sudalter Attorneys at Law

I am writing to express my extreme satisfaction with the performance of Oak Tree Management. Matt O’Conner, along with his team of highly skilled professionals, has done an outstanding job in managing all projects that I ...
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